I now feel I have a

 in crop insurance 



and know that I have options.



We've got answers.

We understand farmers are faced with countless options for crop insurance - options that may seem impossible. 

Let's break it down.

Get a thorough analysis and make individual decisions by crop, practice, and county to best protect your operation with our yearly review.

You won't find this anywhere else.

Our customized Black Binder will help make your insurance decisions simple. Let us show you what it can do.

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Producers get a field by field breakdown of their operation using their actual expenses or using our default expenses 

Customized for your Farm

Quote your crop & hail insurance based off of your actual acres, crops, and practices.

Hail & MPCI Quote


Every producer goes through a review process to ensure your production data is accurate as we maintain your records.

Actual Production History 

You'll get a live view of what you are protecting as you make your insurance decision.  

Total Insurance Protection

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Midwest's Leading Agency In

Precision Technology


precision Ag

Report Acres

Review your planted acres with your agent to complete your acreage report.

Plant Fields

A planter monitor with GPS is used to document planting with a map. 

Harvest Fields

Calibrate your combine and grain cart and harvest your crops.

Report Production

Review your harvest maps with your agent to complete your production report.



Claims can be paid based off of your planting and harvest records. No bin measurements required.

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Insure Actual Acres

Insure your actual planted acres. This removes any premium on unplanted acres saving you money and helping create a more accurate APH.

Irrigated & Non-Irrigated

Insure your irrigated and  non-irrigated acres while planting and harvesting straight though. 

Eliminate scale tickets  and bin measurements with the use of precision and/or bluetooth integrated technology.

Get even more from your precision data.

Hard Record for production


grain cart


Make record keeping simple at harvest with the use of the Libra tablet and smartphone based grain cart weighing and data management. 

Learn more at agrimatics.com

Auto Log - Hard Record