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Our Black Binder was built by farmers, and has been farm tested to meet the challenges you face.



Get a thorough analysis and make individual decisions by crop, practice, and county to best protect your operation with our yearly review.

Nebraska Crop Insurance
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Actual Production History 


Every producer goes through a review process to ensure your production data is accurate as we maintain your records.


Hail & MPCI Quote


Quote your crop & hail insurance based off of your actual acres, crops, and practices.

Demo your Black binder

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Let us show you our precision program

We are defining the way producers use their precision data with insurance.

Your leading agency in precision ag


Our precision team is ready to assist you in using your data to insure your acres, report production, and pay claims with your harvest data.

Get even more from your Precision data

Plant Fields


A planter monitor with GPS is used to document planting with a map. 

Report Acres


Review your planted acres with your agent to complete your acreage report.

Harvest Fields


Calibrate your combine and grain cart and harvest your crops.

Report Production


Review your harvest maps with your agent to complete your production report.




Claims can be paid based off of your planting and harvest records. No bin measurements required.


Meet one on one with your crop agent to build your Black Binder customized to your farm.

Meet One on One with your crop agent

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